Thought: Faith and Reason- Lecture

Matter & Antimatter or Ying and Yang. Do faith and reason sit comfortably in the common space of human thought or the battle rages on with the one corroding the other?

Politics: Authority & I – Panel Discussion

What is the proper role of authority in all its forms (political, religious, moral, social or economic), and what are the limits to the individual freedom if any?

Economy: The Market & I- Panel Discussion

We always hear that the free markets work and they can make the people wealthier. There is plenty of evidence, But why is this? Why markets have this ability? Why Capitalism works when all else fails

What is the role of the market in our lives and how individuals are benefiting from it. Can they be harmed by it? Are markets moral? Should economic interests and economic power be checked for their power?

Morality: The Others & I – Keynote Speech

Altrouism vs Individualism. Self-interest or Self-sacrifice. Are we our brother’s keepers? Or our moral purpose should be to serve our life. And does this mean indifference or even hostility towards the others? Does this mean competition or cooperation?

Philosophy: Plato Vs Aristotle, The mother of all Philosophical Battles - Debate

Whose Philosophy Applies best to today’s humanity?