The mission of ACRO is to promote, explain and clarify the work of Ayn Rand to young people, academic and business circles and to any politicised citizens and to explore the relationship between Objectivism and Aristotelian thought with a view to strengthen the voice of reason and freedom in society. ACRO has published Ayn Rand's 'Anthem' & 'Virtue of Selfishness', Yaron Brook & Don Watkins' 'Free Market Revolution' and organised numerous events during the last 2 years.

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Ayn Rand InstituteThe Ayn Rand Institute: The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism, commonly known as the Ayn Rand Institute, is a nonprofit think tank in Irvine, California that promotes Objectivism, a philosophy developed by Ayn Rand. ARI offers a variety of educational experiences to promote greater understanding of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and, through the writing and speaking of our experts, advocates her principles of reason, rational self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism. 

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The purpose of the Objectivist Venture Fund is to financially support Objectivists with ideas, imagination and persistence, who can put funds to productive use to advance Objectivism and Ayn Rand. For more information visit




KEFIM is ACRO’s parent organisation, the leading free market and classical liberal think tank in Greece. With an operating budget of more than £100K, KEFIM organises events, publishes books, studies and policy papers that promote policies that increase individual freedom. It is expected that Classical Liberals may have differences with Ayn Rand’s philosophy, so KEFIM takes a broad view of the overall freedom movement, whereas ACRO focuses on the work of Rand and on reason.

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